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Karkat just broke up with you, and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and just die.

Where there was once love, laughter, and affection, now was a deep void of pain and sadness.

It wasn't long ago that both you and Karkat laid on this very couch watching romcoms cuddling close to each other. Now on this very couch you sat a broken sobbing mess. Nepeta held onto you as you cried your heart out, your tears staining her green jacket. Nepeta stayed quiet, she did try to comfort you, but honestly it wasn't working.

"N-nepeta w-why?" you sobbed harder, you're throat felt raw, and your cheeks hurt.

"I don't know (Your Name)..."  She seemed to have zero emotion in her usual hyper happy voice, and worst of all she was not speaking in her usual cat puns. You registered this in the back of your mind, but paid it no heed.

Life, it has a cruel way of toying with emotions.


It's been a month, and you didn't even bother coming out anymore, for 'unnecessary things' what's the point? You didn't care if your home was dirty, you didn't care that you weren't getting enough sleep, you didn't care that 'everyone' was asking for you, you just didn't care. 

All you wanted to do was pretend nothing existed, that you didn't exist. You wanted to be alone and of course, Nepeta Leijon would not let you do just that.

Nepeta, stayed by your side for almost (unfortunately) the whole month pestering you and trying many times to get you outside; she tried luring you to the movies, to beaches, always saying the same damn thing; 'It's not healthy staying inside!' To please her, you actually 'tried' to act as if you where interested in the outside world. 

You've asked her how everyone else is, you've asked about Gamzee, Tavros, (Nepeta happily explained to you that they where now matespirits, congrats to them). Out of pure curiosity, you've asked her ... about Karkat. 

What a horrible mistake. 

The troll girl informed you after some convincing, that Terezi and Karkat were now a 'thing' and that fact simply broke your heart. 'Tis your fault for asking in the first place. After crying for an hour, your train of thought stayed stuck on the topic of Terezi, you never really talked to Terezi, she wasn't your friend, simply an acquaintance of some sort. You found her annoying at times, yes, but you didn't hate her.

Until now that is.

But really how could you be so obvious to what was happening right before your eyes?

"(Your Name)! Nepeta's voice snapped you out of your thoughts, "Pay attention!" She hissed out "Mew should get over this (Your Name), it's not healthy for mew to stay at your hive all the time, or to 'bottle' up your felines, or be alone!" Oh, that's right she came over unannounced today, which was indeed quite strange of her; Nepeta would always call you before she came over for anything. You watched as she paced back and forth across from you, her fuzzy blue tail swished around with every step, her lovely grey face holding a deep frown and a look of concentration.

Sighing, you response was dull, "That's all I actually need..." You clutched you're couch pillow tightly. It was a Sunday afternoon, you had the day off from work and you just wanted to stay HOME. Maybe eat a whole tub of ice cream, watch some sad movies, then take a long ass nap. The perfect day for someone who was hurting as bad as you were.

"Well I won't let mew!" Nepeta, crossed her arms and pouted like a child.

"Excuse me?" You said, your eyes widened, as Nepeta snatched the the pillow in your hands and threw it over her shoulder.

"You purred me! Now get purresed! We are furring out!" With a look of pure determination in her olive green eyes, she pushed you towards your ... bathroom? "Clean up first purrease, mew smell bad..." she made a face and closed the door on you. 

Did I mention you been neglecting the simple task of taking baths? Ew.

Truth be told, the bath helped you relax, plus you didn't smell like a homeless person anymore, so that's a big plus.

Once you were done and wrapped up in a fluffy towel, you made your way to your bedroom, pausing a moment to take a look around your apartment, the floors were littered with wrappers and tissues, blankets were draped over and around your couch, in front of said couch was a coffee table with many empty tubs of ice cream and movie cases.

'​Was that a raccoon that crawled under my couch?' You shuddered.

As if reading your thoughts, Nepeta meowed and scampered to your couch, lifting it up a bit[1] "Pew this place is a mess! Promise me to clean this place up when we get back. Oh, and dress nicely beclaws we are going on a da- I mean out." Standing up, she winked at you and disappeared into your kitchen.

"Fine fine, I'll dress 'nicely'." You snorted and walked into your bedroom, closing the door. Once done you came out in your favorite outfit[2], you sighed, 'This is a really stupid idea.' you thought sullenly. "Nep, do I really have to go out? Can't I just stay at home?" Nepeta came out of your kitchen and grabbed onto your arm kicked the door open, and lead you out of your apartment. "Nope! Mew must go out with me."

"B-but wait where are we going?!" You managed to force out between your teeth as she practically dragged you towards an unknown destination. "Mew'll see! It's the best place purround, and there is someone I would like mew to meet!" She gave you a cat like smile. "Nep, I don't want to see anyone, there really is no need!" You replied hastily. 

You don't want to go out, what happens if you bump into Karkat? Or even worse Karkat and Terezi?

These simple thoughts made your insides twist painfully.

Nepeta giggled and came to a stop and let go of your arm, in front of where you both stood was a fancy looking bakery, Crocker's Bakery was written in red lettered cursive above the doorway.

The olive blooded troll opened the shiny red door for you."Mewlady," Nepeta bowed at the waist and smiled cutely up at you. Laughing quietly, you walked inside and were soon hit with the scents of baked goods and coffee. 

The bakery was surprisingly simple, with shiny red tables and white chairs that sat next to the windows, a few people here and there, sat on said red chairs and conversed quietly as they bit into lovely decorated pastries. In the back of the bakery where delicious looking cakes that were neatly lined up behind glass cabinets, on top of the cabinets laid a shiny cash register, behind it was a plump looking woman, with buck teeth and short black hair, she had black framed glasses that sat on the tip of her tiny nose. She smiled and waved at Nepeta, who in return waved back, the woman then looked back at you, and a friendly smile formed on her face.

Your attention was drawn away from her when Nepeta gave a sharp tug on your arm, she walked you over to a small table at the very end of the bakery next to a few windows and away from everyone else.

'Thanks Nep.' You thought as a small smile slowly made its way to your face.

"Meow isn't this better than staying in your hive for a 'week'?" Nepeta giggled, and you grinned "It sure is, everything just smells really good ... this place is new isn't it? " The troll girl nodded and your eyes drifted to the window, gazing out you people-watched, in the distance, you could see a happy couple walking hand in hand along side the road.

You looked away from the window when you heard Nepeta purr, her tail swish around as she glanced behind her "My purrend John works here, and his lusus Mrs. Crocker, owns purr place. She was the one behind the money holder!" She stopped talking for a second, her eyes lit up and you swear you could see a light bulb appear above her head. Nepeta thrust her hands into her pockets pulling out a small green notebook and a slightly chewed pencil, flipping it open she began to draw something, you lifted your head up so you could take a peek.

She turned away from you, so now you can't see what shes drawing. "Oh~ my! I have the most purrrrfect idea! Better shipping than my meowrail and Aradia!"

You gave her a confused look, 'Meowrail and Aradia?[3]' Shrugging, you picked at your finger nails under the table, waiting for her to finish whatever she wanted to clearly show you. "Nao that I think about it, it would be a purrfect ship to help make sail!" grinning from ear to ear as she admired her work, Nepeta slid the notebook towards you.

You placed your hands above the red table and took the notebook in your hands ... and gaped.

She drew in great detail a picture of who (you assumed was yourself) and a boy with rabbit teeth wearing glasses kissing above the figures was a small heart.

From what you learned about troll romances, heart equals redrom, your feline companion was thinking about pairing you up with this 'John' person.

Oh****** hell****** no.

Your lipped twitched and you felt your face go up in flames, clearing your throat you slowly slid the notebook back at her. "Nep, it's nice that you're trying to make me feel better about the whole," You waved your hand around, "Yeah well, I don't feel like being in a relationship, I was just dump-" She interrupted you (rudely I might add) "A 'month' ago. This happened a month ago (Your name!) It's time fur you to get over it." You gave her a desperate look, did she not say that an hour ago? "I know it's hard, but I don't like seeing mew like this!" You watched as a smile grew on her face, "And I'll help you get over this!" as Nepeta said this, your thoughts suddenly drifted else were, to a more positive place. 

Yes. You can get over this!

You can get over the stupid break up! Who cares is Karkat left you? This was nothing but a bump in the road, you can get over it in no time! You have Nepeta, she can help you! And plus, maybe this John dude isn't so bad? Where you really considering actually giving this a try? 'Yes!' You thought as your mouth curled up into a grin.

But sadly getting over is easier said than done.

Especially when you're ex and his knew... matesprit show up.

The new happy couple just strolled in holding hands, and you felt bitter jealousy fill your heart, and ... annoyance. Your excitement deflated and you were about to stand up and leave this place until Nepeta grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze, 'Don't leave!' she mouthed at you. Sitting your ass back down you looked out the window, acting as if you haven't seen them, oh, you tried so hard to keep the tears in, for now, you were succeeding in doing so.

Meanwhile, Nepeta was looking at the pair from the corner of her eye, an expression that clearly showed displeasure and unmasked anger.

An unpleasant giggle shattered the peaceful silence. "Hehehe! How about we get this Karkles? hehehe It's red! It sure smells good~" Sniff Sniff "This whole place smells really good!"

You heard Terezi giggle like a maniac, she sniffed a couple of times. Someone,(Mrs. Crocker?) coughed and Karkat gruffly replied "Sure... we'll take this one shit crisp."

"How rude! Have you no manners boy?"

"Yeah Karkat, don't be rude to your elders hehehe!!!"

"What the fuck are you insufferable shit bags looking at?" you heard the voice of your ex snap angrily.

Grimacing, you glared at the cars that passed by on the busy street, your hand was still clutched in Nepeta's hand, you squeezed it tightly. It was taking all of your self control to not go up there and bitch slap your ex into the next 'sweep'. You could feel your face reddening with blood and your heart beat quicken as if you were running.

Oh, the reactions this couple can get from you.

For a few moments it was silent, all you could hear was the sound of Terezi sniffing and the clacking of keys against a register the- *Sniff Snif-SNORK*  "Oh man, K-karkles..."

Well it seems as if you and Nepeta were caught.

"Purrsses! Ac is not pleased!" Nepeta hissed out a few other things you couldn't catch it all.

You slipped your fingers between her glove cladded ones - just to make her stop hissing of coarse, you really don't want to cause a scene in the bakery. Nepeta eyes snapped back to you, the troll girl quickly looked out the window too, if you were looking up you would have noticed the olive tint that stained her cheeks.

And perhaps the (Guilty? pissed?) looks coming from a certain candy blooded troll.

A few steps and now they were right next to your table.

"Well if it isn't (Your Full Name)... what are you doing here?" You felt the blood drain right out of your face as you froze. By now the small bakery was extremely quiet, and you could feel stares directed at you and your hand that was linked with Nepeta's (though you couldn't tell for your head was bowed down) looking from under your eyelashes you could see Nepeta visibly shaking.

"Uhh, Karkles maybe we shou-" "Are you going to fucking answer me or what?" Karkat interrupted his matesprit with a slight bite in his tone.

"..." your mouth turned down into a frown, and tears gathered in your eyes, about to open your mouth and tell him and his bitch exactly what you were doing here, until someone beat you to the punch.

==> "What's going on here?"
==> "LEAVE!"
Getting Over It. John x Reader X Nepeta

Here it is! The piece of shit you where all waiting for!

I don't like how this came out, it was forced, and I know it. But really I tried my best! I'm sorry if it's not what you were all hoping for in the sequel, and I can see this does not really 'fit' in with the first story. If it helps I can explain somethings... Yes I know John is not in the story but he will be!

[1] Head cannon- trolls can lift things that are heavy to a human more easier.

[2] Your old enough to dress yourself in stories, i'm not going to dress you up. You have a choice you know.

[3] In the first story I did not explain that you only know some trolls not all of them, humans except the ones in the story are the only humans from Homestuck that you have met so far.

==> "What's going on here?"
==> "LEAVE!"

I will also say that if anyone wants more you must choose a path to follow since I have planned two possible endings, these endings will take extra months to squeeze out of my brain :(( also only possible parings for the story are John or Nepeta (I can explain why these characters are picked if you ask~!) 

John won so his story must come first.

Special thanks to: :iconkawaruu: my moirail and my sis who gave me some ideas and helped me gather my thoughts!

Homestuck characters mentioned in the story belong to Andrew Hussie.

Preview image is not mine! It belongs to whoever created it.

You belong to yourself.
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EpicCatBomb Featured By Owner May 25, 2015   Digital Artist
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